68% of Black American children live in households headed by a single parent compared to less than 30% of white children. Despite white women making less than white men, 70% of the time they are married to a white male. Gender is not a significant component of the lineage wealth gap.


Concerned Black American Citizens understands that the wealth gap between the descendants of American chattel slavery and white Americans currently stands at 20:1. Historic and systemic US government sanctioned slavery, Jim Crow and mass incarceration are direct causes of this disparity.


Further, the resulting generational poverty and discrimination has left Black Americans the most vulnerable to the nation’s current health pandemic.  The deathrate of Black Americans is three times that of the rate of their older white counterparts.


Based on economists’ forecasts, the household wealth of descendants of American chattel slavery will fall to zero by 2053. However, the COVID-19 virus has surely accelerated that timetable.


Concerned Black American Citizens is convinced that the data confirms that a federal reparations program that includes direct payments is the only feasible method of closing that chasm. It is also a moral imperative and a debt owed that is long past due.

Concerned Black American Citizens

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