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Concerned Black American Citizens, INC's mission is to educate the citizens about the lineage wealth gap and mobilize them around issues that directly affect the lives of the historically disadvantaged Black American Freedmen: Persons originating from combined ethnicities within what is now the United States of America prior to 1865, and are descended from persons emancipated nationally by the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and also known as African American, Negro, Mulatto, Colored. 

​CBAC provides outreach and educational support to individuals, small businesses and collaborates with other Reparationist organizations  to advocate for the right of Black American Freedmen to reparations, restorative policies, and self determination.

We support re-establishing the federal Freedmen's Bureau, Freedmen's Bank, State- and County-wide Office of Freedmen's Affairs to ensure that American Freedmen families have the resources that they have been collectively denied since the end of Reconstruction.

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