Concerned Black American Citizens, founded in November 2019, is a nonpartisan organization that writes public policy advocating for pure reparations and a focused agenda of restorative policies to repair and rebuild the Black family after decades of targeted wealth destruction by the United States government. 


CBAC respects the claims of other marginalized groups in America. However, only those who are Black descendants of American chattel slavery who can trace the lineage of at least one Black set of grandparents to the 1870 US Census and self-identified as "African-American" or "Black" before 2008 are eligible for pure reparations. 


Concerned Black American Citizens value the ideals promised in the Constitution of the United States of America that all men are created equal. We believe that those ideals can only become a reality for all Americans with the economic restoration of the Black family.

CBAC believes that a stronger Black family is a stronger America for all both spiritually and economically. When Black families win, all of America wins.

C O M M I T   T O   S A V I N G   B L A C K   F A M I L I E S

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