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My name is Dawn Alston Paige, the founder of Concerned Black American Citizens INC. I am a Black American who traces their lineage back to 1721 in Virginia, and 1830 in South Carolina/North Carolina. Closing the 20:1 lineage wealth gap is the my sole imperative. Training and educating organizers and my community on how to advocate effectively for policy and federal reparations is the sole mission of Concerned Black American Citizens INC. Join our monthly "The Other America" town halls and quarterly field organizer training and lobbying courses. 

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Her Story

Dawn is an experienced executive professional with a long and successful career in the investment management field where she co-founded a 13 billion dollar investment firm. Following a merger, she went on to co-found a successful boutique commercial real estate development firm, Empress Development LLC with a long time friend and colleague. Dawn also started a technology-driven dry cleaning delivery system in luxury apartments around the Raleigh-Durham area, which she sold in 2019. 


She is an experienced business and financial analyst as well as a talented political and economic strategist. She held a CFA designation from 1999  to 2012. She has extensive project management and supervisory experience.


During and since that time, Dawn remained heavily civically engaged, volunteering on various GOTV campaigns. It was in 2019 that Dawn became aware of the reparations movement and the lineage wealth gap which led to her uninterrupted advocacy for Freedmen Reparations and restorative policies to address systemic disparities in the American Freedmen community. Her own family lineage is a reflection of that heritage as a descendant combined of African, Indigenous, and European lineage and chattel enslavement in America.


She formed CBAC in 2019 to teach fellow Reparationists how to organize “empowerment blocks” in their community to advocate for their rights. Dawn has written numerous policy prescriptions and crafted demands to our representatives. In 2021, she co-founded The Reparationists Collective, a federally registered non partisan lobbying group advocating for edits to HR 40. She has written policies for COVID relief in the American Freedmen community and is committed to advocating for the end to disparities in home and farm ownership, education and financial net worth.


Dawn currently serves as the Chair of Durham, NC $2.4 million Participatory Budget Steering Committee, she is also serving as a commissioner on the One High Point Commission to study reparations for Black Americans in High Point, NC. Dawn also acts as the USDA Rural Partners Network Consultant for Historically Underserved Entities.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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