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American Freedmen Genocide: A Case For Reparation

Updated: May 29, 2023

A Case For American Freedmen Reparation For Genocide Since 1988

Present day Black American Negro Freedmen began as the world‘s largest ethnocided “refugee” group and are owed reparation for their genocide from the United States and from many of the states in which they reside. So extreme is this group’s ethnocide that their very Peoplehood began here in America due to forced exogamy, forced pregnancies, and forced breeding of enslaved Africans with the Indigenous, Scotch-Irish, and English peoples. A distinct ethnic group created by force on a foreign land, uniquely and ethnically, indigenously American.

There is no African American Country, nor Land of the Negroes for them to return to. Their ancestral home begins primarily in the 13 original colonies, the work camps and killing fields of the antebellum South, through on to Texas and dipping into Northern Mexico. But more accurately, America is their home and they have blood and bones buried in every state.

Because their erasure as a unique ethnic group has almost been successful, you may not actually know any real Black American Negro Freedmen; they are a specific federally designated class of people; they were granted over 50,000 patents from 1870 to 1940, their accomplishments were the engine of the industrial revolution; no American enemy, foreign or domestic, has ever been defeated without Black American Negro Freedmen; they are the reason America is wealthy; they are the reason America is free.

Black American Negro Freedmen, aka “American Freedmen” are a unique federally recognized ethnic group as of 1863 who are now facing ethnic, political, and economic genocide resulting from thirty-six years of targeted policies, beginning in 1988. American Freedmen now have a 20:1 wealth gap and projected wealth of zero by 2053, pre-pandemic.


Following the Reparations grassroots movement’s logic of beginning our reparations claim for chattel enslavement with the formation of this country, 1776, here Concerned Black American Citizens™️ identifies the period of harm as beginning in 1988, the year the United States ratified the Genocide Convention Treaty, making genocide a crime here.

A Thirty-Six Year Black American Negro Freedmen Genocide

1. Whereas today’s “Black Americans”, aka “Negros”, aka “Colored”, aka “African Africans”, are descended from Persons Enslaved in the United States and “Free People of Color” born in the United States before 1900; and

2. Whereas by an 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, former American chattel slaves were then designated as “American Freedmen”, and given the Reconstruction Amendments with promises of full citizenship, land and equal protection that were immediately violated; and

3. Whereas the chattel enslavement of the ancestors of today’s Black American Negro Freedmen was a crime against humanity, it was legal and is still today; whereas genocide was illegal in the United States as of 1988; and

4. Whereas there is no statute of limitation for the charge of genocide, this claim of reparations for Black American Negro Freedman is based on the “period of harm” beginning in 1988 to present: a thirty-six year Black American Negro Freedmen Genocide;

5. Whereas they were once enslaved and then emancipated, a debt was owed and a promise was made; whereas the annulment of Special Field Order 15 left Black American Negro Freedmen landless, defenseless, without a means to sustain themselves, almost 1,000,000 newly emancipated American Negro slaves died of famine, exposure and disease; and

6. Whereas the 1877 redeployment of union troops outside of the south ending Reconstruction, directly resulted in the virtual re-enslavement of Black American Negro Freedman, and established a series of Freedmen Genocide Laws, aka “Jim Crow Laws”; and

7. Whereas the failure of The State to uphold their 14th amendment rights led to over 300 Black American Negro Freedmen pogroms, including lynching, most recently #RememberBuffalo; and

8. Whereas the United States government enabled the destruction of almost $1Trillion in modern day asset value deposited by over 60,000 newly emancipated American slaves and then failed to bailout the Freedmen’s Bank; and

9. Whereas Section 1091 of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits genocide whether committed in time of peace or time of war and assesses a penalty of $1 million per charge of genocide; and

10. Whereas the Iran hostages were awarded $10,000 for each day of captivity amounting to up to $4 million per hostage; and

11. Whereas decades of municipal disparity studies detail how white women, whose female ancestors were 40% of enslavers, and are married to white men over 70% of the time, whose male ancestors made up the balance of American enslavers; continue to benefit exponentially from the creation of designations such as “minority”, “people of color”, and “BIPOC” in government procurement dollars via programs such as MWBE/DBE, etc; and

12. Whereas these programs and other such legacy affirmative actions have been intentionally diluted from their original purpose, and are proven as contributing to their ongoing economic exclusion and resulting in a 20 to 1 lineage wealth gap between Black American Negro Freedmen and multigenerational white Americans; and

13. Whereas the United States continues to fail to address the lineage wealth gap, food apartheid and homelessness while providing those same resources for millions of skilled and unskilled undocumented/expired visa workers who enter or stay in the country illegally; and

14. Whereas the United States and municipalities allow corporations and private entities to practice nation of origin discrimination against Black American Negro Freedmen workers and students; and

15. Whereas local state and federal policies since 1988 policies, de facto and de jure, show the continuation of structural political and economic violence against Black American Negro Freedmen such that the group experienced death rates of triple the norm during the recent Covid pandemic and economists now project zero wealth for the group within 30 years; therefore

16. Be it resolved that, Concerned Black American Citizens™️ asserts the United States owes Freedmen Reparation for Genocide since 1988 and that the monetary compensation owed to present day Black American Negro Freedmen descended from persons held in American chattel enslavement, is

  • A minimum of $4 million per Descendent, approximately $160 trillion, and

  • Individual apologies from federal government, state and municipality of residence, and

  • 40 acres of arable land, and

  • 25% housing voucher and 0% interest loan, and

  • 0% interest business loans with education and training, and

  • Tax exempt status, and

  • Tax credits, and

  • Expungements and waivers, and

  • Institution building grants: genealogy, anti-defamation, protection, enforcement, food distribution, education, health/mental care distribution, etc.

Concerned Black American Citizens™️ maintains the opinion that Black American Negro Freedmen, and grassroots American Freedmen Reparationists must study and embrace our Black Liberation heritage and reclaim the “anti-genocide norm” as the most logical path to delineation, protected class status, restitution, and satisfaction, based on a review of international and federal laws regarding genocide.

Municipalities must be obligated to act with a fierce urgency of now to not only support a federal Freedmen Reparation package, but to also act boldly to reestablish state and county level Offices of Freedmen’s Affairs. Reestablishing these government offices will employ us and deliver some modicum of return on a century of taxes paid into the system by Black American Negro Freedmen. Most importantly, matching the funding levels for these offices to the community’s state/local population size (minimum 10% of state budget), will provide the infrastructure to begin the work of restoring Black American Negro Freedmen families, health, and businesses.

In closing:

Dear Grassroots American Freedmen Reparationists, our work is to inform our politicians/civil servants to activate them, and our people, in order to help them protect themselves with policy AND by any means necessary! Reparationists must work zealously to alert our community to the reality that the 20 to 1 lineage wealth gap and imminent zero collective wealth represents the cumulative impact of Freedmen Genocide laws, de facto and de jure, and that only the restorative powers of pure Reparations will stop the genocide of political and cultural extinction faced by present day Black American Negro Freedmen.

Dawn Alston Paige | Founder | Concerned Black American Citizens™️

June 24, 2022

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Laredo Regular
Laredo Regular
25 cze 2022

All current living Black Americans will be able to find at least "one" ancestor on the 1870 or 1880 census. I am aware "some" parts of the family tree may not be easily accessible due to incomplete death certificates but Black Americans were not moving around en masse after slavery. If one is looking carefully, any living person will find at least one on the 1870 census.


Documentation availability?


Laredo Regular
Laredo Regular
25 cze 2022

Question: Why is the year 1900 used instead of 1870 or even 1865??

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